“I have my daily ritual. Everyday, I use a massage brush, exercise, take a shower, go pick up the trash, go get coffee, then I come home and eat. That's three hours a day, maybe more. But that’s my life’s foundation. Within that range, I read the world.” - Hayao Miyazaki, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, 2013.

No words rang true for this little project of mine than Miyazaki's. I am a little man in a little town where not a lot of extraordinary things happen. My gateway to the world is through books, movies, YouTube clips and news on the internet. Still, I have my ideas and I believe them worthy of being shared to the world. I wish and I wish to share them.

I shall post the things I learn from my family, the little store in which I work, my grocery shopping, the people and their actions as I drive around town. Food, Animé, movies are here as well.

This is not the ever popular "niche blog" wherein one talks about one specific subject. I've tried that before and I got bored out of my mind. Instead, I'll follow my heart and write about a range of things which I feel are worthwhile. Queer

I post whenever I can at any given time. Queer

I’ll forever be figuring out what Queer and Self means.

I'll keep my town and my identity secret or discreet. This blog/newsletter is a journal/journey of sorts.

I hope you'll find this little place of small thoughts to your liking.

Thank you for reading~

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Unfortunately semi-closeted at the moment.


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